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Comedy Central
Dec 20, 2012 1:00am PST
brown one and the walking stick with tits with you! - well, a compliment, finally! - hey! what the hell are you doing? - we are just stealing from work. that is what americans do, yes? - yes mohindernanthan. we are entitled. - my bulletin board! that is it! you're all fired! i'm calling your company right now. [phone ringing] - [heavy asian accent] outsourcing of india, how may i help you? - what? i can't understand you! let me speak to an indian! - ah. so sorry, but entire customer service department has been outsourced to south korea. - ugh! goddamn it! - all right, i stand corrected. those turban-ators were even worse than you. steve convinced me to give you your old jobs back. - at full pay, with better health benefits, and safer working conditions. - and i get a three-hour work day. - fine! - week. - fine! - month. - whatever! just get back to work. - ugh! you hired them back? what happened to my robots? - don't worry about them. some stupid ass will hire 'em. [dance music] ♪ - i [bleep] love america! - [crying] [typewriter clacking] [ding!] from comedy central's world news headq
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1